Walmart Makeup Storage Ideas for IKEA Alex Drawers

After a visit to Walmart, I’ve found some awesome storage trays for Ikea Alex Drawers!

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Walmart Makeup Storage Ideas for Ikea Alex Drawer Pin


Walmart Makeup Storage Ideas for IKEA Alex Drawers

I am always on the lookout for new makeup storage ideas; ways to keep my makeup and beauty products nice, neat, and still super accessible when I need them.  I’ve been SO excited about this for so long!  This is just the beginning of a tutorial that I will be posting, which will show you how I made my makeup vanity and vanity mirror with lights, but until then I’m going to give you a sneak peek at the storage trays that I found at Walmart that totally fit perfectly into the 5-drawer unit Alex drawers from Ikea that everyone and their makeup-lovin’ mama is using on YouTube and Pinterest.  The 9-drawer unit is about a 4″ difference in depth, so you might have to buy 1 rectangular bin and multiple square bins to arrange them to be more snug for that particular unit.

Walmart Storage Ideas for Ikea Alex Drawers

The trick was finding some storage trays that would fit nicely inside these drawers to keep everything organized.  Since I paid a pretty penny for my vanity, I wanted to save some money on cost-effective storage within my Ikea Alex 5 drawer unit.


These particular ones are the MainStays brand square kitchen storage trays (3 pk)s  and Rectangular Mini Bin Storage Trays (2 pk) found at Walmart.  Below are the actual trays on Walmart’s website (although note that these are only available in store).

Walmart Mainstays Kitchen Storage Trays


The Rectangular Bins come in packs of 2 and the Square Bins in packs of 3 for $0.97!  

Here are the direct links to the exact bins that are used in this post and fit into each drawer in my Alex 5 drawer unit:

(2) Mainstays Rectangular Mini Bin Storage Trays

(3) Mainstays Square Mini Bin Storage Trays 

Note! You can use these smaller ones usually used for eye/lip pencils too:

I love how they fit and because they’re white, they look like they were made for these drawers!


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6 thoughts on “Walmart Makeup Storage Ideas for IKEA Alex Drawers

  1. Hi, so I went and bought these and they do not fit my Alex drawers from ikea. Only one large tray would fit and two smaller ones. I have no idea why? Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Katie,

      In the pictures of this post, I am able to fit (2) Mainstays Rectangular Mini Bin Storage Trays and (3) Mainstays Square Mini Bin Storage Trays into each of the drawers on the Alex model from Ikea.

      I realize I didn’t previously add links to each exact product – I’ve edited this post to add those links. Sorry for the possible confusion – I hope this helps, I really love these bins!

      1. That’s so odd! I bought the right ones. I have the 9 drawer Alex cabinet but the measurements are the same on Ikea’s website, just the height is different. I wonder if the drawers aren’t as long as the 5 drawer unit. Thanks for the links. I just want them to fit perfectly lol! I don’t get why it’s different for the 9 drawer one. Bummer!

        1. So, I checked the Ikea website – supposedly, there’s about a 4 inch difference in the depth of the 5 drawer Alex than the 9 drawer! I have the 5 drawer (which was the link that I provided in the original post) – didn’t even think there would be such a difference. I’m really sorry that they didn’t fit your 9 drawer. I’ll definitely edit the post to include this finding – I really appreciate your comment and feedback, Katie!

  2. So glad I found this! I was able to find the rectangle ones yesterday so I just need the square ones.

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