Valentine’s Day Downtown Sacramento Photoshoot

A Valentine’s Day Downtown Sacramento Photoshoot

Hey beauties, I hope you all are doing well and had an amazing fun filled Valentine’s Day! Whether you were spending it with that special someone or that Ben & Jerry’s pint of ice cream.  I had an awesome opportunity to do a photoshoot with a good friend of mine Jazz Jackson who I met through Youtube. She is has a vibrant personality and is a lot of fun but oh my goodness, this girl has really cute style. I loved being able to practice blog style photos with her and hoping for many more to come. 

These photos were taken downtown Sacramento which has the coolest buildings and ally ways. I am still trying to scope out midtown to find more awesome spots for photoshoots. I typically don’t like to photograph around 12:30pm because the lighting can be so harsh and spotted. But we made it work and I tried using the light to work best for me and my favorite lighting was when I had it behind Jazz. When you work with the sun that is so harsh you can have the sun behind them and try to get a halo effect and gives them like a backlight glow.  I also took some photos in direct sunlight which is usually harsh but I ended up liking the contrast it gives to the photos. I don’t do direct sunlight too often because it’s not easy on the eyes for your model. 

Thank you Jazz for letting me take your photos! Please check out her Youtube channel & Blog here:

Equipment Used: 

  •  Canon 70D 
  • 40mm 2.8 lens 
  • I shoot RAW 
  • Used photoshoot to edit and enhance 


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