Summer Style 2016 – White Space and Floral

Summer Style 2016 – White Space and Floral

I am looking forward to reinventing myself this summer!  Now, I mean the whole 9 yards – new hair, nails done, new wardrobe.  For my summer style this coming season, I’m really excited to use lots of floral and “white space” to give an overall ethereal look.  

So, what exactly is “white space” you ask?  I use that term so often with my graphic design, but it’s incorporated into many different avenues of design – including fashion!  White Space can also be referred to as Negative Space.


Summer Style 2016 - White Space and Floral


The use of white space can make an outfit design appear cluttered or balanced, depending on proper use.  This play on white space opens up your fashion pieces for summer and truly brings to life the phrase “Less is More”.  Another example, this Cap Sleeve Printed Button Down Dress by Daniel Rainn.   Love the color use of white space – It’s the pieces that can go from Day to Night to Weekend with little effort that I just adore!

We’re talking dresses, rompers (my husband thinks that term is hilarious), shorts, shoes, you name it – lights and brights all the way!  Call me crazy, but the brighter colors I wear, the better my mood.  Try and incorporate more of this style into your summer fashion this season!

Below are my picks for a hot summer wardrobe – just click to view!

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