Spring Style – Pastel Aztec Inspiration

Spring Style – Pastel Aztec Inspiration

Happy Tuesday!  I don’t know about you, but I could have used a MUCH longer weekend. 🙁  I’ve been going through my winter-y wardrobe and trying to Spring it up.  Pastels and lighter hues are to be expected, but I’ve been wanting to incorporate some tribal/aztec patterns with these color scheme.   Endless hours later on Pinterest (which is SO not hard to do) and I’ve narrowed down the color combos and clothing pieces that I’ll be looking for this month.


The Look: Pastel Aztec Style Inspiration

Spring Style - Pastel Aztec Inspiration - Pastel and Nude Aztec Style Inspiration for Spring and Summer

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This is a play on the “Neon & Nude” color combo that worked so well these past couple years for the summer months.  I really like the more soft, ethereal pastels for Spring and of course, nude is the black! 🙂  You can do a statement piece like this aztec-inspired patterned bandage skirt!

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Spring Style - Pastel Aztec Inspiration - Pastel and Gray Aztec Style Inspiration for Spring and Summer

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I suppose this is my search for fun, flattering alternatives for black!  I love black, don’t get me wrong.  A little too much.  That’s the problem!  I’m trying to branch out from the super dark shades and I really love how gray and muted pastel hues look together.  Try pairing shades of gray with your favorite pieces for a lighter look! 

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Spring Style - Pastel Aztec Inspiration - Pastel Aztec Thin Knits Style Inspiration for Spring

Sweaters in Spring?  Heck yes!  But these are the softer, thinner knit variety with an off-the-shoulder if you’re feelin’ it that day 🙂  If you’re planning a day out, a road trip, or attending a festival this Spring, these we’ll be ideal for the changing weather!

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