Mini Whole Foods Haul & Review


 Mini Whole Foods Haul and Review




I love going to Whole Foods and randomly going through isles to find new goodies I have never tried before. Sometimes I can find the weirdest items that I can’t even pronounce but it is fun to try new stuff. I recently have been looking for good quality dark chocolate with not Soy. In all honesty, finding chocolate bars without Soy is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. To my surprise, I had finally found a couple that had no Soy. 

House Of Kombucha Hibiscus Bliss $3.99 on Sale

The first item is a brand “House Kombucha” which is a local company in Oakland, CA. This was my first time ever trying their drink and only to find two flavors. I chose Hibiscus Bliss over the Rose flavored one. I would say it is not the best tasting drink in the world but it is so amazing for gut health. It has a sour and bitter taste with a slight essence of Hibiscus. 

365 Organic Dark Chocolate w/ Almonds $2.99 on Sale

This is Whole Foods brand called 365 and offers a lot of items in the store. This dark chocolate is really good. The texture is smooth and creamy, with just the right crunch from the almonds. It doesn’t taste bitter but a dark roast essence, so I am excited to try more of their flavors. 

Alter ECO Dark Salted Browned Butter Chocolate $4.99 

Alter Eco chocolate is like the mother of all chocolates. I really can’t explain the taste of this chocolate other than it’s made with quality ingredients. The texture is really smooth and slowly melts in your mouth. The flavor here is delicious but very unique; something I have never experienced before. This brand is the real deal, all good ingredients and fair trade. You have to go try a bar for yourself and adopt a new chocolate bar favorite. 

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