Maybelline Master Conceal Review

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Review, Swatches and my opinion on Maybelline Master Conceal

Maybelline Master Conceal Feature 2 copy

Maybelline Master Conceal Review

Today I am talking about the Maybelline Master Conceal in the shade medium 40. This concealer ranges in price but it’s usually around $8-9 for a lot of product. I will get to the point with this product because it is AWESOME! The consistency is smooth and creamy while still really blendable. 


  • Smooth, Light Weight, and Creamy formula 
  • Easy to apply and blend out 
  • Can set with powder and doesn’t look cakey 
  • Brightens under eyes and can conceal problem area


  • Not very many shades to choose from 
  • It can crease if you use too much and if you don’t set with powder 
  • Wears off around 4-5 hours 






This is the concealer tube in shade Medium 40







Here is a swatch of the concealer this is in the shade medium 40










The consistency isn’t too thin or thick but just right with lots of pigmentation! 









First step to applying this, I used the bottle to dispense the product on my under eye and then pat into my skin all over my under eyes. 

TIP: This shade is 1 shade lighter than my skin so it has a brightening affect while still covering my discoloration/darkness








The left eye is without any product & the right has about two layers.









Then set with powder and this instantly hides dark circles and brightens your under eyes! 






Click the link to purchase the Maybelline Master Conceal in your color:

Maybelline Master Conceal Feature 2 copy

Click the link to purchase the Maybelline Master Conceal in your color:


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