What Will You Change for 2016?


What are some of the goals, changes, new experiences, or struggles will you take on in 2016?  Instead of the typical resolutions, let’s make this a time of reflection on the year that will soon come to a close and the focus on all the amazing things that we can accomplish and do in a year’s time.  We’ll make goals into of plans.  Make targets instead of hopes.  The idea of changing your life doesn’t happen overnight, but little by little on a road designed by you for you!  2016 will be the year we finish what we start and be amazed by the progress we see!  Let’s make a goal list together and share on New Year’s Day!

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About April

I’m a product of the 80’s and survived the era of Rainbow Brite, British Knights, New Kids on the Block, and the beginning of MTV. I’m 34 years old, born and raised in Sacramento, CA. I have always had a fascination with buttons, so as digital media progressed I found myself using my traditional artistic skills on a computer screen. Visit my website, Open Image Media, for my hand-drawn clip art, illustrations, graphics, blog kits and more!