Letting God carry our load!


Are you carrying your own baggage and not giving it to God?





We all have baggage and hurt we carry with us and think we can handle our own burdens. Reality is we weren’t meant to carry our baggage and issues on our own. That’s why God was amazing enough to offer to take this load off and for us to give him our hurts and baggage, if we are willing to let him.

Think of it as if you had a backpack full of stuff. It’s heavy and you feel it all the time and you are constantly reminded of this baggage because you feel it. But someone comes and takes a water bottle out and it feels a little lighter. Then they take out a bulky jacket from the backpack. Then Heavy Wallets out. Maybe your Mickey Mouse ears if you’re at Disneyland.

The more that is taken off of you the lighter you are going to feel. You then become less aware of that heavy baggage. You don’t think about it 24/7 because that person lifted those heavy burdens.
You are still conscious of having baggage but it no longer consumes you or weighs you down. Because someone is holding all that stuff for you.

That person is God. That person is Jesus. He takes all these issues (stuff) out of our backpacks and gives us his peace of mind and joy.

Like he said in his word:
Matthew 11:30
“For my yoke is easy and my burden is light”

What are you trying to hold on to that is weighing you down? God desires for us to trust him enough to let him take these hurts, problems and issues out of our backpacks in life.

He overcame EVERYTHING in this world, even death couldn’t hold him down. So he’s more than capable to hold us above water. I’m learning this currently. It’s not easy. But the more I am open and vulnerable with the Lord, he shows himself in more ways than one.

Had to share💕
(Thanks Katrene for being my model) Katrene Migashkin



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