February Beauty and Craft Favorites

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February Beauty and Craft Favorites 

I have been adventurous this past month and have tried new beauty products and new hobbies. These are my current loves and obsessions and had to share all of them. I do have a video about the same thing were I name a few others if you want to check that out, too!—> February Beauty & Craft Favorites


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  1. Okay, Schimdt’s Natural Deodorant is literally the first “natural” deodorant that actually works and doesn’t smell bad. I can’t even explain how long I have been trying to find one that I love. This deodorant still allows your body to sweat since that’s important for your body. This stuff keeps you smelling fresh and feeling clean. A MUST try! 
  2. This Shea Moisture Restore Hair Mask was bought on a whim and desperate search for a deep repair hair mask. Glad I decided to go with it because it’s rich, creamy and leaves your hair soft as butter. 
  3. I got this bamboo comb from doing some research that this is a great tool to use when are in between washes. It is suppose to bring down the oils from your scalp and nourish the rest of your hair. So far so good 😉 
  4. I bought a smaller kit when I was at Sephora in Disneyland and fell in love. I love anything Peter Thomas Roth and this sample kits help you to find which one you love the most to fully commit to it. Amazing quality and luxury skin care products. 
  5. I found these Honest Beauty Wipes at Costco thanks to my sister a few weeks ago. These wipes are all natural, great ingredients, they cleanse, and take all makeup off. They do NOT sting or irritate my skin, these are my new staple. 
  6. I have been getting into crafting hobbies lately and especially foiling. This RS Laminator is great quality and it’s usually $40 but it’s not on sale for only $20 (grab while you can) This is amazing for protecting all your paper products and your foiling.   
  7. I LOVE foiling and this foil is inexpensive and gorgeous. They have SO many different colors to choose from and great quality. I have been using this on card stock, canvas and tote bags, the possibilities are endless. Deco Foil; This brand by far is my favorite. 


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