DIY Succulent Plants

plantsdiyDIY Succulent Plants for anywhere in your home!

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I found these mini and adorable succulent plants at Walmart for only around $2.50 each. I purchased four of them and walked inside Walmart to find what to put them in. I came across this thick clear glass candle votive that was only $1.97 each.  They were just the right size, so I bought four of those and took them home.

I took each plant out of the original packaging and placed them and the extra dirt into the candle votive. I pressed down gently until it was all the way in and just cleaned up the edges. Literally these plants only need a little bit of sunlight and not much water. I water these plants just to wet the soil, only once a week.

I love how these little plants make such a big statement when placed somewhere in your home to enjoy. I placed them right by our TV and it’s beautiful! What are your guys favorite house plants?






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