Blush Gray Copper Room Decor Inspiration

Blush Gray Copper Room Decor Inspiration Twitter

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Blush Gray Copper Room Decor Inspiration

I just love Blush, Gray, and Copper when incorporated in Room Decor inspiration.  My favorite way to redecorate a room is to create these types of inspiration boards to really help focus the look and feel.  Otherwise, I can fall off the bandwagon, get HIGHLY distracted, and come home $$$$ later and it’s not what I intended.  I’ve been doing a lot of room inspiration surfing on Pinterest and tumblr and found that this new color palette is everywhere.  It’s a modern, soft, clean, warm color palette that really goes well in just about any room of the house.  This would even look amazing in the kitchen (with the copper accents!) or in a home office, but this living room arrangement is really giving me good vibes!  Heck, these are killer spring/summer wedding colors, too! 🙂  The popular rustic/glam look goes SO well with this color palette.  I took the image I found off Pinterest, made a color swatch, and found some items that I think would fit this theme well.  Let me know what you think and if you’ve found any other awesome decor pieces that would work as well!

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Blush Gray Copper Room Decor Inspiration

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Here’s a few more in this Blush, Gray, Copper Family for you to try!


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