Bedroom Decor Inspiration – Thick Knit Blanket Style

Bedroom Decor Inspiration - Thick Knit Blanket Style

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Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Thick Knit Blanket Style

So, tell me – on your 180th hour of a Saturday night scrolling through Pinterest for bedroom decor inspiration, did you happen to notice this blanket?  Like, a lot?   You know the one I’m talking about.  That super thick, large knit blanket that looks like something you can totally get LOST in on a cold night watching Netflix?  I’ve seen it pop up in my feed many times and I’m dying to know where and how I can get my hands on one!

Blush, Taupe, Gray, and Charcoal Color Inspiration

I have seen some simply beautiful bedroom decor that has this blanket as the main focal point, so I decided it’s time for a round up on how to get this style!  This photo from Australian based Immy + Indy is where the inspiration started.  Whatever shades and colors give you calm, tranquility, and peace; these needs to be your bedroom color palette.  The muted, pastel earth tones are so calming to me – I adore it!  I think this blanket is a great way to cozy-up this minimal, Scandinavian style.  Here are my picks for achieving this bedroom style!
Bedroom Decor Inspiration - Thick Knit Blanket Style

Here’s how you can get the look!

  1. H & M cotton canvas cushion cover
  2. Surya Eyelash Throw Pillow
  3. Calvin Klein Blush Gossemer Queen Flat Sheet 
  4. Light Tan Merino Wool Thick Knit Blanket
  5. H & M King/Queen Duvet Cover Set
  6. H & M Velvet Cushion Cover

Photo inspiration © Immy + Indy

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