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Welcome to The Pixel Odyssey!  We are a lifestyle blog based in Sacramento, CA. that showcases beauty, style, travel, cooking, blogging and healthy living.  A creative entrepreneur at heart, I want to have a place for you to get informed, get inspired, and get busy!  If you can master the basics, the rest is a piece of cake! 🙂


Our main feature here is the basics.  

By that, we don’t mean just the short cuts (although we dig those, too!) but we’re talking about the fundamentals.  Let’s break it down!

Beauty/Makeup Organization:

Makeup looks, Skincare routines, Style, and more!

Design & Art Basics:

Free Downloads and digital resources for fellow blogging creatives!

For the Home:

Organization ideas, color palettes, inspiration and DIY for your home & office!


Blogging techniques, tips, and resources on how to turn your blog (passions) into a business!

Health & Wellness:

Use whole foods, herbs, spices, essential oils and healthy recipes to heal yourself from the inside out and basic activities good for the body, mind, and soul.



I’m a product of the 80’s and survived the era of Rainbow Brite, British Knights, New Kids on the Block, and the beginning of MTV.  I’m 34 years old, born and raised in Sacramento.  I have always had a fascination with buttons, so as the digital age progressed I found myself using my traditional artistic skills on a computer screen.   My graphic/web design clients include Olympic athletes and companies such as Red Bull, Brown-Foreman, and Bacardi.  I am passionate about art, design, singing, technology, and the non-stop need to create.  

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Web Development in 2012.  It was a milestone in my life that I always sought to complete and so happy that I did!  I spent most of my 20’s traveling the US and the world following the Olympic sport of Short Track Speed Skating.  From Chicago, to New York, to Italy, to England, I used my design skills to meet and work with some of the greatest US athletes in the world, including 8x Olympic Medalist Apolo Anton Ohno.

I married my creative and talented husband, Brian, in November 2011 and we are looking forward to starting a family soon!  I’m an introvert with extroverted tendencies and I want to continue to push myself to the achieve and take on the next adventure.

Make sure to visit my brand new website, Open Image Media, for my hand-drawn clip art, illustrations, graphics, blog kits, and much more!

Much Love,




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  1. I was looking at the target dollar makeup palette organizer and I was wondering where you got the little white holder for your make up brushes ? I love it 😍

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