5 uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

5 uses for Apple Cider Vinegar!



5 uses for Apple Cider Vinegar!

Apple Cider Vinegar has been my go to liquid of choice for just about every problem I run into. This powerful combination helps kick your body back to health in no time at all.Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a natural bacteria fighter that contains minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, phosphorous, chlorine, sodium, sulfur, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, silicon and fluorine. I always make sure to have some stocked in the fridge because I like to call it the “natural” Tylenol. There are so many reasons to take Apple Cider Vinegar but I am going to share my top 5 uses that work every time.


 Stomach Ache/Discomfort/Food Poisoning/Nausea: 

My family has always used ACV first before any medication and it has always worked amazing. My husband didn’t believe me until one night he had a pretty bad stomach ache. I gave him 1 tablespoon mixed in with 1 cup of water and had him drink the whole thing. After 20 minutes he couldn’t believe that he felt so much better. Anytime I had a feeling I got food poisoning or dealing with nausea sometimes caused by my anxiety, it helps a lot. Apple Cider Vinegar has probiotic properties so it’s creating the good bacteria in your body.  

 Headaches/Migraines/Head Tension: 

Intake daily of apple cider vinegar helps to maintain the body’s acid-alkaline balance. Two teaspoons, three times daily in a glass of water is will help immensely with your headache. Also, you can boil water and Apple Cider Vinegar in a pot and place it on a table, place a towel over your head and breathe in the vapors. 

Sore Throat: 

At the first sign of a sore throat reach for the cider vinegar as it has the power to kill germs and virus. You can mix 1-2 tablespoons in your tea mixed with honey and sap that soar throat in no time. Try drinking that 2x a week! 

Sinus Congestion: 

Apple cider vinegar helps to break up and reduce mucous in your body, helping to clear your sinuses. It also has antibacterial properties, making it useful for infections. It has helped me a lot with my allergies as well. 

Facial Toner/Combat Acne: 

Because of Apple Cider Vinegar natural properties of being a natural bacteria fighter, it’s perfect for toning your face to keep it clean and free of break outs. This tip might not work for everyone but you can try using a cotton round with a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar rubbed on your face morning and night. Usually takes a few weeks to see results. 

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As always, consult your Doctor before making any changes to your diet or skin routine. We are not certified Dr’s. this is all info from trusted sites and experience. Please always take info with caution. 


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