5 Summer Survival Tips for Entrepreneurial Moms

5 ways to survive summer

5 Summer Survival Tips


5 Summer Survival Tips for Entrepreneurial Moms

 5 ways to survive summer

Being an entrepreneur, blogger, and stay at home mom presents some challenges in organization, especially when the kids are out of school for the summer.

I started my business last year so I could be more accessible for my family. Of course it’s easier to work during the time the kids are at school. Once summer rolls around and the quiet time is gone how is a bread winner to win any bread if they are bombarded with 10x more going on in the house?

Here are my top 5 tried and true tips for making my life a little more peaceful during a time that can be a bit disorderly. This really works for us because it allows me time to get work in, take care of the home, make sure the kids are on track, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

1. Get Up Early!

Yes, I get up at 5:30am. Now, anyone that knows me well knows I am NOT a morning person. My father lovingly calls me “the slug”. I love my sleep, but I have found that I love mornings more! Here’s how I make getting up in the morning work for me. I have a little ritual that helps me wake up. I asked my husband to turn on the light in the room when he leaves. So when my alarm goes off the light is on and it impossible to hit the snooze. I get my coffee and sit on the patio rain or shine to enjoy my quiet time. I get in my time with time with Daddy (my term for the Lord) to set my mind right for the day. Then I review my schedule for the day and prioritize.


2. Gratitude Time.

Gratitude Time is the number 2 way I spend my day. After spending time with Daddy, I take time to prioritize people. I used to carry around so much guilt for not being better at reaching out to others and appreciating them. I have begun using my time in the morning to write out cards and think of ways to appreciate people. My entire outlook on my relationships has changed because of this. Gratitude is a wonderful tone for the day. I feel less stressed and can be more available for my family and friends during the day when I recharge emotionally first thing in the morning. Appreciate while the day is young, it’s only going to get busier.


3. Throw in One Load of Laundry and Get That 15 Minute Pick up Done.

Seriously, it is so hard to keep the house tidy when everyone is home all day long and we are busy! We take care of the main things, like keeping the kitchen clean. But if the laundry mounds and the little stuff does not get picked up I know it will just pile up. Before I know it the house is a mess and I cannot stand it! So I spend a bit of time before everyone gets up neatening up for the day and getting a load of laundry done. Take 15 minutes now to save you hours later.


4. Get The Kids on a Schedule

I use a schedule and so do the kids. I have a 10 year old daughter. This is the age that middle school is looming and being a little kid is fading away. Time to make time management a priority! I let her choose her schedule during the day. We made a handy dandy reusable chart. The cost was less than $20 and helps both of us with accountability. We used a laminated grid from Lakeshore Learning, Velcro, and little cards with the activity written on them. She can stick them on the grid at the time she wants to do the activity. Educational activities are in 1 hour increments, she has free time in 30 minute increments, laundry, and house chores. When I’m bugging her to get laundry done, she points to her schedule and says “Mom, I’m working on math right now. I have laundry scheduled for tomorrow morning.” Sure enough I look at the chart and we are all good. The benefits; Allison is learning time management skills, it gives her some control of her day, it alleviates a lot of communication issues, and ensures she is not sitting in front of the t.v. wasting her day (and brain) away.


5. Pre-Cook and Prep Meals
Cook once eat twice is my motto! I cannot say enough about getting the crock pot out a couple of times a week to precook for the next week or the next day. Take a couple of hours on a weekend or schedule in the time during the week to cut up veggies and mix up seasonings for your main dishes. I cannot tell you how many mornings I have been saved by my husband taking a few additional minutes on Saturday to cook extra pancakes to put into the freezer.

 chart hung up

Chart in the making



We hope you enjoyed my tips for staying organized during the summer thank you for letting us guest post!

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