5 Natural Remedies for Headaches

5 Natural Remedies for Headaches - Apple Cider Vinegar, Peppermint Tea, and More!

5 Natural Remedies for Headaches 


5 Natural Remedies for Headaches 

1. Apple Cider Vinegar –  Take a glass of water with about 1-2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and drink this 2-3 times a day. Apple Cider Vinegar helps to maintain the body’s acid-alkaline balance. I am always surprised how effective Apple Cider Vinegar is when I have a headache or even a stomach ache. It literally is a healing drink that I couldn’t do with out, it is always in our fridge. 

2.  Peppermint Tea – Using either Peppermint Tea or Peppermint Essential Oil, it has a great effect on relieving headaches and migraines.  You can mix peppermint essential oil with olive oil and rub onto the temples of your head. This is very calming and has a cooling effect that works great at easing a headache. Taking peppermint tea can calm an upset stomach like we all know but it’s also good for calming tension in your head. Peppermint is naturally an anti inflammatory so it can calm the fire going on your body! 

3. Ground Flax Seed – If you are someone who gets headaches or migraines often and can’t seem to kick them, you could be lacking Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. There are many ways to get in your daily intake of Omega 3’s but my favorite and easiest way is with flax seed. Toss it in your yogurt, smoothie, or oatmeal and you don’t really taste it but get the great benefits. Start out with 1 tablespoon of organic ground golden flax seed every day and work your way up to 2 tablespoons a day. I would also recommend not eating flax seed whole because our bodies only digest flax seed when it’s ground.

4. Take a walk! – Simply unplugging from technology and putting on your tennis shoes and going out for a walk. Take yourself out to a place where you know that is quiet and is surrounded by trees and ground yourself. There has been lots of studies showing that we need to go back to “earthing” ourselves. Even going to a near by lake or creek and go bare foot, close your eyes, and practice deep breathing. It may sound too good to be true or too simple but if you have a positive mind set about it and just try it, you will be amazed. 

5. Steam Your Face – If you need a fast and quick release from your headache try steaming your face. This will drain out your sinuses and instantly relive tension in the head. Take a pot of water and bring to a boil, let water boil for about two minutes before taking it off the stove. Place down a towel wherever you plan on putting the pot of water so it doesn’t burn your surface. Take your pot of water and put in 4-5 drops of your favorite essential oil (I suggest Lavender or Thieves) and grab yourself another towel, lean over the pot with a towel that is completely covering your head. At first the steam will be really hot to your face, so if it’s uncomfortable just pull your face away for a few seconds until your skin gets use to the steam. You will sweat like crazy so make sure you have water near by. Also, since you are sweating and draining everything out you may want to have tissue to blow your nose as well. You want to stay in there for about 10 minutes and slowly breath in through your nose. Make sure to hydrate yourself right after steaming.

Here’s a list of stuff mentioned to help you find or purchase easily: 

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar – Best brand of raw organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar. 

Peppermint Tea – Any brand will do but here is my favorite!

Ground Golden Flax Seed – My favorite brand is Bob’s Red Mill 

Walking/Running Shoes – My favorite shoes for walking and running 

Lavender Essential Oil – Love using this for steaming 

Thieves Essential Oil – This is great for mixing with a carrier oil of your choice with a few drops and rub onto your temples and also in your steam. 




As always, this is not professional medical advice. You are responsible for running any new health change to your doctor. We are simply sharing our non professional experience and remedies. 

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