Best of Northern California: Marshall, Tomales & Bodega Bay

Photo Oct 10, 12 33 26 PM_small
 One Dozen raw beauties with Hog Wash & lemon

My husband and I simply adore seafood.  Anytime, any day, for just about any meal – it’s ON.  We are always looking for excuses to take a short weekend trip out of town and explore the food scene around Northern California.  Earlier this month, he decided we take a day trip through California’s Tomales Bay and visit Hog Island Oyster Co. at their oyster farm in Marshall, CA

On the drive there, we listened to a podcast interview with the partner’s of this company, John Finger and Terry Sawyer, and discovered why their passion has made them one of the premiere producers of sustainable shellfish. We’ve devoured a plate of oysters at their other popular location in the Oxbow Market in Napa, CA., but here in Marshall, eating oysters a few steps from the very water it’s gathered is an experience that you can’t miss.

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Photo Oct 10, 12 17 19 PM_smallAn Oyster Farm!  Here, you can buy live oysters by the bushel, eat oysters by the peaceful bay, or even reserve your own table & grill to have an oyster picnic!  It was serene, calm, and everything a really good day should be.  On that happy, high point of an appetizer, we left Marshall and headed to Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes Station for lunch.

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 We shared two-halves of the most delicious sandwiches.  The above pictured is the Mt. Tam & Ham, made with their triple-cream Mt. Tam brie.  The picture below is grilled chicken, marinated peppers, and fresh mozzarella.  AH-MAZE-ZING!  Really.  All their cheeses are made with organic milk from Straus Family Creamery.  It’s some of the best cheese you’ll put in your face, I promise you.

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 Full happy bellies meant it was time for a drive to Bodega Bay for some fresh ocean air.  The fog had already started to roll into town as we found a bluff that overlooked the Pacific.  Sometimes you just need to get away.   This is how you do it.

Photo Oct 10, 3 11 30 PM

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